Quakers Among OAC's Best

May 20, 2010

Congratulations to Stephanie Amrhein and Jessica Veite!

Stephanie and Jessica represented WC Tennis on the All-Ohio Athletic Conference teams. Steph earned a spot on the All-OAC team while Jessica earned a place on the Academic All-OAC team.

They are truly deserving of these honors and I am so proud to have them represent our team and campus. They are tremendous students, leaders and role models.

On the men's tennis team, senior Joe Freudenberg was named OAC Player of the Year. Congratulations, Joe!

Way to go Quakers!


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A Great Season Comes to an End

May 11, 2010

We recently held our end of the year banquet at Damon’s in Wilmington.

We finished our season in 5th place in the Ohio Athletic Conference, the best finish for our team in OAC history. Just as impressive, we finished the season with a 3.3 team GPA.

I have had the pleasure to coach some of the most outstanding women on the WC campus. They not only dedicate themselves in the classroom and on the courts, but are also very involved in campus life. Some of the activities we are involved with are:

  • WC Athletic Training Program
  • Sports Information
  • Delta Omega Theta Sorority
  • Student Resource Center
  • Members of the Honors Program
  • American Medical Student Association
  • Student Athlete Advisory Committee
  • WC Science Society
  • Peer Advisor
  • Dean's List
  • Teachers Assistant
  • Tutors
  • Supplemental Instruction
  • WC Presidential Scholarship Recipient
  • ITA Scholar Athletes
  • WC Achievement Scholarship Recipient
  • Sports Medicine Leadership Council
  • Campus Crusade
  • Computer Services Assistant
  • Relay for Life
  • Volunteers at the homeless and animal shelters
  • Participate in canned food and clothing drives

The 2009-10 team award winners are as follows:

Jennifer Hobson — Most Improved Player
Marie Granstrom — Newcomer of the Year
Kaitlyn Lentz — Teammate of the Year
Stephanie Amrhein — Coach's Award
Michelle Reiber — John Frazier Memorial Award
Jessica VanWinkle — Outstanding Contribution Award
Jenny VanWinkle — Quaker Spirit Award
Jessica Veite — Scholar Athlete Award
Lisa Brady — Quaker Award
Holly Grady — Captain's Award

Congratulations Lady Quakers on a terrific season!


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Freshman Michelle Reiber Joins Delta Omega Theta

May 07, 2010

This spring, Michelle Reiber became a member of the Delta Omega Theta sorority. At the recent Greek Awards ceremony, Delta Omega Theta was named Most Outstanding Greek Life Organization of the Year. Delta Omega Theta was founded in 1907 and is the oldest sorority on campus.

I encourage each of my players to get involved in activities and organizations outside of tennis. When I asked Michelle how the sorority has helped her get involved on campus, she stated, “It has definitely allowed me to be more connected to campus. Being involved in a sorority gives you the opportunity to meet so many people in which you may not normally meet. Not only do you meet people in your sorority, but you meet people in other sororities and fraternities. Every year we have Greek games in which all the Greeks on campus are involved. This is a great way to meet the entire Greek community. Also, while we recruit people to join the sorority, we meet a lot of people. Being a part of DOT definitely has made me feel a part of something and I have gained sisters for life.”

Delta Omega Theta is not only involved on campus, but also in the community. In order to remain an active member, there are community service hour requirements. The Delts participate in a number of projects from cooking dinner every Wednesday at the Clinton County homeless shelter, volunteering at the animal shelter, move-in crew, Big Brother/Big Sister, Relay for Life, and the campus recycling project. They are also involved in philanthropy projects such as Operation Christmas Child and Relay for Life. Each year, they hold events such as their annual formal, father-daughter cookout, and their alumni event to name a few.

When I asked what message she would send to incoming freshman about getting involved in campus, Michelle said, “Definitely get involved with activities on campus. Being involved with a sport is a great way to meet new people. I would also recommend joining a sorority or fraternity because you meet a lot of great people and it gives you a sense of belonging.” She adds just to make sure you keep a balance between classes, sports and your campus activities so that you do not overwhelm yourself.

Michelle has done a wonderful job of balancing her time between classes, tennis, the sorority, community service projects, and on campus employment in the Student Resource Center. She is an early childhood education major and a Dean’s List student.

Congratulations Michelle! Keep up the great work on the courts, in the classroom and on campus!


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Grady Named 2010-11 WC SAAC President

April 28, 2010

Congratulations to sophomore team captain Holly Grady for being named the 2010-2011 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee President! Holly has been a tremendous leader for the tennis program and I am excited that she will be able to showcase her leadership skills to the entire student-athlete body at Wilmington College.

The mission of SAAC is to enhance the overall student-athlete experience by promoting opportunity, protecting student-athlete well-being, and promoting a positive student-athlete image. SAAC strives to build school pride among students through social events, sporting events and community service projects.

Holly is excited for her new position to begin and is ready for the challenge. She stated that she has big shoes to fill as past-president Marianne McGoron will be graduating this year.

"She was the one that really got the basis established for this organization," Grady said. "I am excited to work with my new officers, I think they are all great leaders, and it is my desire to really see SAAC thrive this coming year."

Holly, we know that you will do a wonderful job in promoting the SAAC mission and purpose. Congratulations!


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Veite Elected President of AMSA, Vice-President of WC Science Society

April 23, 2010

Congratulations to sophomore Jessica Veite! She has been named President of the 2010-2011 American Student Medical Association (AMSA) board.

Since August of 2008 Jessica has served as the AMSA Vice-President. As a member of AMSA, she has helped recruit new members, oganize MCAT study sessions, and helped host a practicing physician on campus as he discussed medical opportunities with the AMSA chapter.

Jessica also assisted in this year's Wilmington College AMSA Annual 5K Walk/Run for Charity in which all proceeds were donated to the Clinton County Free Clinic.

In addition to AMSA, Jess also was elected vice-president of the Wilmington College Science Society for the 2010-2011 school year.

Jessica, we thank you for your contributions to our tennis program and to our campus!


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Oh. Jessica! You've done it. Great. I believed in your talent for many year. I think you'll have an interesting future and all your friends will proud of your's friendship.
Thesis 6:14AM 07/28/11

Journey with Jess Veite to Italy!

April 09, 2010

Sophomore Jessica Veite recently returned from a spring break trip to Italy. She earned Wilmington College credit hours for taking the trip as well as lasting memories.

Join Jessica on her trip to Italy!

The IDS396IA course met seven times before departure. We learned about our travel destinations and did papers on the background of the places we would visit. Overall, the trip lasted from Friday, March 5th to Saturday, March 13th.

I traveled to Venice, Verona, Florence, Assisi, and Rome.

Venice was by far my favorite city. Venice is known for Murano glass. Historically, Murano artisans were treated like royalty and were even allowed to marry into Venice’s wealthy families. Glassmakers were also immune from persecution by the Venetian State and were allowed to wear swords as a symbol of their status. Venice is also known for their masks for Carnevale. Venetian masks originated in the 1400s when the citizens were trying to overthrow the Doge and did not want to be recognized by the corrupt cops. In Venice, our group took a gondola ride on the Grand Canal, visited St. Mark's Cathedral, and visited a glassblowing demonstration.

Verona is where Juliet is said to have lived. The group visited the balcony where Juliet used to call to her Romeo.

Florence is known for their leather making and many fashion shops. In Florence, we attended a leather tanning demonstration and visited the Academia to see Michelangelo's David.

Assisi is known for its patron saint, St. Francis, and the group visited the Basilica di San Francesco to learn more about him. The interior of the cathedral was gorgeous. On one side of the wall it had paintings depicting the life of Jesus. On the opposing wall, it had paintings depicting the life of Francis as it compared to the stories of Jesus. The story of St. Francis adds to the rich religious history of Italy. This patron saint came from a very wealthy family and had everything given to him. However, he gave everything up in the name of Christ and vowed to serve Him for the rest of his life. Instead of wearing gold and red robes, St. Francis now wore brown, filthy robes that resembled that of a beggar. He treated everyone as equals, including the animals. This is why he was painted talking to pigeons in his cathedral.

Rome was my second favorite city. This was mainly due to the Colosseum. Originally named the Flavian Amphitheatre after the emperors who built it, the Colosseum was used for animal hunts, social gatherings, and gladiator battles. Our group walked along the lowest seats that were open in the arena. This is where the senators and equestrians would sit on account of their high social class.

What was your best meal there?
All of the pasta meals were spectacular! Not only were the meals very fresh, but you could tell that a lot of time went into preparing them. The gelato was also extraordinary.

What were some of the cultural aspects of the trip?
Italians love fashion and, subsequently, the women wear high heels a lot. It was very uncommon to see an Italian woman wearing gym shoes or flats even on the cobblestone roads. Also, Italians wear a lot of dark colors and leather is very popular there.

The driving conditions in Italy are crazy! Cars litter the streets and it is always bumper-to-bumper traffic no matter the time of day. The streets are also packed with pedestrians who walk right in front of the cars to get to their destinations. One girl in the group got her foot ran over trying to follow our Italian tour guide after she ran out in front of a car. Don’t worry, she is alright.

Thank you Jess for sharing this amazing adventure with us!


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Take A Trip With Holly to Italy!

March 29, 2010

Holly Grady, a sophomore Athletic Training Major from Beavercreek, Ohio, recently returned from a spring break trip to Italy. Her trip was organized through the Collegiate Sports Medicine Foundation (CSMF). Holly represented Wilmington College on the trip as she and 25 other sports medicine majors from the United States traveled to Italy for this amazing experience. In addition to a wonderful trip, she also took this course as an independent study and received Wilmington College credit hours by doing research, power point presentations, and by presenting to the WC Athletic Training majors about her experience upon her return.

Reflections on Italy
Imagine with me, if you will, a roller coaster ride. Not just any ordinary ride but one filled with twists and turns of laughter and unexplainable adventure. You might get stuck in traffic, find yourself deprived of sleep, or realize that you need to go on a diet because you ate too much gelato. But take my word for it; this is an experience worth every obstacle. Take a trip with me to Italy. Andiamo!

First Stop - Naples
We didn’t spend much time here, but the little time we had here was the perfect introduction to the country. During our short stay, we had the opportunity to visit the beautiful island of Capri. Though small, this little place is significant.

Next - Pompeii
Going to the ancient, uncovered city of Pompeii was amazing. To be walking on the streets of this ancient city is quite unimaginable. Because of the way the city was buried, it was preserved so well and much can be learned from it. Pompeii was one of the most advanced cities at its time, but because of the earthquake followed by the volcano that hit, this city’s ideas and technology were lost and would later be rediscovered. It’s crazy to think that I actually got to be inside of a city that was once buried. I will say that going to the garden of the fugitives was a little sad, just to think that those people died a terrible death being buried by ash. The overall visit was eye opening in more ways then one.

And Next - Florence
The city of Florence first reminded me of Naples, but after touring and learning about the history that the place held, I came to the realization that it is almost nothing like Naples. The two days we spent there were frigid, but I don’t think the weather detracted from the experience, rather, it may just have added to it. The coolest aspect about Florence, I think, was seeing ‘The David’ and learning about Michelangelo’s life. The carved marble slab of this perfect creature known as ‘The David’ was sheer perfection. I was amazed by the detail in the muscles, veins, and even facial expression. I was also informed that he was a soccer player. I suppose the great detail put into the anatomy of the legs gave this fact away. Florence was fantastic.

San Guiliano
We got the chance to experience one of the few places visited by tourists, a place known as San Guiliano. High on the mountaintops in Tuscany rests this small town secluded from the rest of Italy. The day we went, there was snow on the ground. I felt like I was in the Middle Ages as I walked through this rustic town. It really is beautiful and well built.

My Favorite - Rome
Rome, by far was my favorite place. It seemed so modern that at times I forgot I was even in Italy. But I was reminded every so often that I was when I saw the coliseum. The coliseum was outstanding. It is basically an ancient stadium. I went and saw it numerous times, and every time it was just as grand. It stands high and mighty in Rome like a soldier would stand facing his enemies. The awe and majesty this place gives off is breath taking. Upon entering the stadium, I think I really understood why Romans are so proud. After our initial visit, I went back three times. It was such an emotion gripping and majestic site.

And even more!
Some other places we got to see in Rome included the Roman Forum, the catacombs, the Vatican (which is really its own country), the leaning tower of Pisa, Trevi fountain, and the Spanish steps just to name a few. The Roman Forum was majestic in every way, the catacombs were humbling and breath taking (no pun intended), the Vatican was marvelous, especially the view from the top. The Leaning Tower of Pisa was fun. All of us had a great time taking numerous amounts of pictures. Trevi fountain was an unheard of yet sweet idea, and the Spanish Steps was a perfect place for a photo shoot. Every little detail of Rome adds to it like all the strands in a tapestry add to the big picture.

The Culture
The culture of Italy is slightly like that of other European places, yet so different. I was under the naive impression that all European countries were the exact same, but I was sure faced with a reality check. Of course, Italy is known as a romantic place, and after just one day there, I can understand why. The way the people act and talk, the language that they use, their mannerisms, and so much more gives off on air of romance, not to mention all of the art and sculptures. Romance isn’t exactly my favorite thing, but it was neat to see how it defines their culture.


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