Lessons Learned in Beijing

May 09, 2012


Our second day in Beijing we started out bright and early. The first place we visited was Tiananmen Square. This place was huge! I can see why it is one of the biggest city squares in the world. This was also the location of emperor's palace.

The architectural design of these buildings was unbelievable. It was very colorful. When you walked through one of these big palaces on the other side awaited a big courtyard followed by another palace. This continued many times.

We got to see the Forbidden City, which was a big courtyard with beautiful bridges going over the water. It is called the Forbidden City because in the past years no one could get inside unless invited by the emperor.

After sightseeing we ate lunch. This lunch was very similar to the others. After lunch we visited the silk factory, which was pretty cool. We were able to learn about where silk came from and all the work that had to be done in order to make one blanket or pillow.

The temple of heaven came next. This building was very similar to the emperor's palaces. This building however was circular and was surrounded by numerous green trees. It was beautiful.

After that we went to a Kung Fu show at the Red Theatre. When it started it was very intense. It was a very unique show because it told a story of a boy turning into a man, but at the same time everyone was continuously doing kung fu moves. It was a very enjoyable show and definitely fun to watch.

Finally we ate dinner. This dinner was very different from the rest. They served us unique food including: chicken with sprinkles on top and shrimp with strawberry icing. These seem like weird combinations but it was actually pretty good. Today was a very long day but we were able to see a lot and learn many things.



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