Lady Quaker Basketball Goes International

May 08, 2012

Shown, from left, are LeAnn Topp, Emily Zimmerman, Shelby Kies and Danielle King at Beijing's Olympic Stadium.

Shown, from left, are LeAnn Topp, Emily Zimmerman, Shelby Kies and Danielle King at Beijing's Olympic Stadium.

Lady Quaker Basketball has officially went international ... and by that we mean we've experienced squatty potties. What a day!

This is Emily and Chelsie reporting live from Beijing, China. Here we go!

Our first day in China proved to be very eventful. Our itinerary was put together by our tour guide, Ping, who kept us very busy. The first place we visited was the site of 2008 Olympic Games, also known as "The Bird's Nest". The 2008 Olympics was the biggest spectacle to ever come to China, which brought a sense of honor and prestige to the country, unlike anything it had ever seen before. To accommodate for all the people coming into the country they built a whole new airport and modified their transportation system.

Once inside the stadium, Ping made the mistake of letting us loose! LQB WAS EVERYWHERE. Coach and Ty (Michael Snarr's son) paid to ride Segways on the track where Olympic stars from all over the world once stood. As this was happening, LeAnn's mom was handed a random Chinese baby to hold. It was an interesting day to say the least.

We thought we looked like tourists taking pictures of everything we saw, but at the same time, the Chinese people were just as fascinated with us. Chinese people would pose to take pictures and discretely catch a glimpse of the good looking Americans that we are in the background. Naturally, once we realized this we just invited them over for a picture as well! We felt like celebs.

After the bird's nest, we went to the Run-Ze Jade Garden for a family style meal, followed by an educational tour of their Jade Museum. The meals were served at large circular tables, and the food just kept on coming! The waitress brought out about 5 main dishes and put them on a glass plate that spun around to reach everyone at the table. This was our first taste of real Chinese food.

From there we went to Beijing Agriculture University to play our first game. It was there that some of our teammates had an experience they will never forget — Chinese toilets! This is one thing that made us really appreciate America a little more!

We made a brief stop at the hotel to clean up before enjoying another large meal in Beijing. By this point in time, everyone was basically checked out. The time change, plus the busy itinerary had run its course on us. Upon arrival back to the hotel, we all went straight to bed. Our first day in China was a success.


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