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Media Center

Sooo 1970s!  We've come a long way since this picture! The Media Center

Consisting of Audio-Visual Collections & Services, & The Curriculum Lab
ext. 350 (or 458)

Academic Year:
Monday through Thursday 8am to 8pm
Friday 8am to 5pm
Closed Weekends
Summer Session:
Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm
Closed Weekends 

Standard Procedure (5 steps) for requesting media set-ups. (Please also see "Audio Visual Services" link above for additional information.)

A.    Please know that Conference Services does not make media requests for you.  Please follow-up your room reservation with a call to Media Center services (x350) for any media equipment or service needs.

B.    Please call with as much advance notice as possible.  At least one week is preferred for all set-ups, and a minimum of two business days is expected.  One week is the necessary time-frame for weekend set-ups to allow ample time for staffing requirements.

C.    When initiating a media set-up request, via either telephone (x350) or email ( ), please include the following: 

  1. Date of the event
  2.  Start and End time of the event
  3. Location of the event
  4. What type of media is required (DVD, laptop, microphone, etc.)e.   Expected set-up time if that expectation is prior to 15 minutes before event, and any additional information that you feel is pertinent to the event. 

D. The standard operating procedure is to set up events to be ready 15 minutes before the event begins.  This is to minimize the time that equipment is a) unattended for excessive periods of time; and b) not susceptible to excessive wear and tear on lamps and components.    Set-ups more than 15 minutes prior to the event likely will require that you restart and/or reactivate one or more equipment components, which do time-out and shut down.  Please request orientation to be sure that you are comfortable with the equipment operation. 

E. The Manager of the Media Center will follow-up any requests with either an official confirmation notice or a request for further information.  Media equipment is complex, sensitive, and subject to incompatibility issues.  Requests for further information assure that the equipment delivered and the timing of service delivery best satisfy your event plans.