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We would love to see and showcase students, faculty and alumni showing their quaker pride! It is easy, wherever you are just have a friend or family member take a photo of you using the new Wilmington College Quaker Pride Sign!

To submit photos, FILL OUT THIS FORM or DM them to Wilmington College on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #WCPride.

The Quaker Pride Sign: How To. . .

Using your RIGHT HAND:

Use your forefinger and thumb to create the letter “C”, leaving your remaining three fingers to form the “W”. An easy way to remember it: Cover your heart like it’s our “pledge of allegiance” to Wilmington College. But it doesn’t always need to be over your heart, hold your hand up high!

*Always use your right hand because if you used your left hand, it would read “CW” instead of “WC”.

Some Examples

#WCPride Submissions

Education Majors at Universal Studios, Orlando Florida. Submitted by Kolt McDaniel.

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