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Washington D.C. Lobby Weekend 2013

Each spring, roughly 30-40 Wilmington College students travel to Washington D.C. to learn more about lobbying. They work with Friends Committee on Nation Legislation, a Quaker Lobbying group in the public interest. These pictures are from the trip taken in March 2013.

“Is Peace Possible in the Holy Land—And Why Does It Matter to Me?”

WC received a United States Institute of Peace (USIP) grant to bring Bart Campolo and Jamal Shehade to campus. Their talk was titled “Is Peace Possible in the Holy Land—And Why Does It Matter to Me?”. Bart is the National Outreach Director of the Telos Group, whose mission is to strengthen the capacity of American faith communities—and especially American evangelicals—to help positively transform the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Jamal Shehade is an Arab Christian (Palestinian) Israeli citizen whose family has run the House of Grace for ex-prisoners in Haifa for many years.

Headstart Research

An advantage at Wilmington College is the individual attention and research opportunities students receive. For example, Dr. Mary Rose Zink, professor of psychology, role plays a Head Start child as Steven Reese, a student majoring in Criminal Justice and Psychology, trains to give the National Report System Test. The test will document how well the Clinton County Head Start children are learning. The project is part of President Bush’s campaign “No Child Left Behind.”


Mexico Trip

These pictures are from Neil and Michael Snarr's trip to Mexico. On the trip, Wilmington College students and community members traveled to Central Mexico to learn about the rich history of the Mexican people by visiting historical landmarks, museums, and archeological sites. They experienced a different culture as they were introduced to Mexican art and music, visited the marketplace, ate "real" Mexican food, and interacted with locals. In addition, the course exposed students to various issues within a developing country, including: over-population, abject poverty, environmental degradation, and a large informal sector. The group spent most of their time in Mexico City. A few days were also being spent in at least two smaller, nearby cities.

Washington D.C. Lobby Weekend

Over 30 (Wilmington College) students traveled to Washington D.C. for four days to learn how to lobby. The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) (the largest and oldest church lobby in D.C.) hosted the event. First, students learned about two issues: the Iraq War and indiscriminate weapons, such as landmines and cluster bombs. Then, after an intensive training on how to lobby, they spent Monday morning meeting with several congressional offices. Students urged their representatives to bring the war in Iraq to an end and stop the manufacturing and use of indiscriminate weapons.

United Nations Weekend in New York

These pictures are from Michael Snarr's United Nations class. The first part of the course introduced students to the United Nations system and its role in the world. Then, they travelled to the UN to visit various nongovernmental organizations and UN agencies. Upon returning to campus, students developed a presentation based on what they learned from the trip and gave a presentation to the community. Some presentations took place at the Quaker Heritage Center and others at the Wilmington Public Library.


Quaker United Nations Summer School

Wilmington College student Matt Southworth, a senior in Social and Political Studies, attended the Quaker United Nations Summer School in Geneva. The school was comprised of people from the UK, Kenya, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Nepal, Yemen, Canada, and the USA. The Summer School aimed to provide an introduction to the work of the United Nations, as seen through the programmes of Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO). The organization works on disbarment and peace, human rights and refugees, and trade and development. During the Summer School there were talks by staff of the UN, non-governmental organizations and diplomatic missions, as well as informal discussions sessions and visits by the UN itself.

Voices From Darfur

Wilmington College Global Issues honor students’ hosted Voices from Darfur tour on campus. The audience heard stories from Darfur, saw a short documentary film and was empowered to take action to stop the genocide in Darfur, Africa. The honors class organized the event, raised money by making and selling cookies, designing and selling t-shirts. Through the experience the students learned individuals can make a difference.

Social Sciences Area

The departments of Criminal Justice, Social and Political Sciences, Psychology and Social Work operate under the leadership of area coordinator and Professor Mary Ellen Batiuk. The office for these departments is in Austin Hall, Room 215, and is recognized as the Social Sciences office. Two work-study students and one non-work study student are hired to assist in the office. The jobs give students a chance to know their professors better and participate in department task such as research.


Professor Pitzer Helped Build Home in Romania

Cathy Pitzer, Associate Professor of Social & Political Studies at Wilmington College, traveled with Habitat for Humanity team members to lay the foundation for a house in Romania. According to Pitzer, when Communism fell in Romania buildings were left unfinished due to a lack of money. Currently, no system exists in the country for mortgages on buildings, so the homes are built very slowly and often more than one family lives in a house. The home Pitzer worked on will eventually provide for two families. Today, partly due to poor income, some people want to go back to communism, these people are called Bucharest.

Political Science Student Travels to Geneva

WC Political Science student Pat Carroll went to summer school in Switzerland to study the United Nations in Geneva for two weeks.