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Quaker Heritage Center of Wilmington College

Acquisition Policy


The Quaker Heritage Center of Wilmington College collects items associated with or manufactured by individual Friends or Quaker families from the Miami Valley/Southwest Ohio/Wilmington Yearly Meeting region.  Items for the collections are also subject to the following criteria: state of preservation, degree of rarity, representativeness of Quaker culture, aesthetic merit, associations with Wilmington College, representativeness of the outstanding activeness of prominent Friends, and ability of the staff and collection adequately to preserve and/or restore, care for, and exhibit materials.


Items are acquired through donation, exchange, or purchase.  Selection of materials, including acceptance of gifts for the collection, rests with the Director.


All objects will be accessioned, cleaned (if necessary), preserved (if necessary), stored, and exhibited with strict attention to professional museum standards by Center staff or an appropriately trained volunteer. 


The financial resources of Wilmington College alone are not sufficient to care for all the collections of materials it would like to accept for its Quaker Heritage Center.  Collection development depends therefore to some degree on outside contributions.  These may come from individuals, foundations, or other sources.  The most propitious time for securing these funds is when gifts are made.  In many cases the donors may be important sources of information and even of assistance in securing funds.  In other, the College may know of a foundation whose interest lies in the areas of particular gifts.  Although no appropriate collection should be declined solely because funds are inadequate, it is important that fund be sought in connection with acceptance of the gift.


Upon donation, all gifts become the sole property of the Quaker Heritage Center.  The Center will accept no gifts on permanent loan or deposit basis.  No promise in regard to exhibiting artifacts will be made.


Donors will be asked to complete a Donor Conditions form at the time of the gift.  This form will address the issues of use (Is use restricted in any way?  Do you wish to close all or any part of the materials for a specified period of time?); copyright, publication, or reproduction; and waiver or removal of conditions.  The donation process will be finalized by completion of a Deed of Gift form by the donor and the Center Director.


Authority to purchase items rests with the Quaker Heritage Center of Wilmington College Board of Visitors.  This group will make recommendations on the advisability of purchasing an item, a limit for spending, and who will be the spokesperson for the offer (i.e., a member of the Board of Visitors or the Center Director).


All objects accepted in the collection will be accessioned and recorded using the PastPerfect database system by Center staff or an appropriately trained volunteer.  Center staff will establish a maintenance schedule for the object at the time of storage.  All objects will be stored in the Center’s climate-controlled and secure storage space.  Center staff or an appropriately trained volunteer will carry out continued maintenance of the object.


·        For information on collection access, please see the Collections Security/Access Policy.

·        For information on photography and replication of the collection, please see the Photography and Filming Policy – Personal Use, and Photography and Filming Policy – Scholarly Use.

·        For information on lending and borrowing, please see the Outgoing Intramural Loans, Outgoing Loans to Other Institutions, Incoming Intramural Loans, and Incoming Loans from Other Institutions policies.

·        For information on deaccessioning objects, please see the Deacquisition Policy.


Approved by Wilmington College Quaker Heritage Center Planning Committee, January 20, 2005

Approved by Wilmington College President Dan DiBiasio, February 24, 2005