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Psychology is the scientific study of the brain and behavior. Psychology majors examine human behavior, experiences, and the functioning of the mind in relation to heredity, development, personality, and social functions. Students majoring in psychology complete requirements for a Bachelor of Arts (A.B.) degree.

The psychology major is designed to give students the academic foundation for success in graduate study and for applied areas of psychology such as social work, counseling, education, business and human services.

Careers in Psychology

Human service professions offer the most entry occupations for students with an undergraduate major in psychology.

  • Psychology graduates often work with licensed social workers and licensed counselors to serve the needs of individuals, families, and groups.
  • Businesses, non-profit private and public agencies also recruit psychology majors. Marketing, consumer behavior, human resources, sales, and development are examples of areas that hire psychology graduates.
  • Graduate school training is required for careers in clinical psychology or counseling, for teaching psychology in college or becoming research psychologists. Students who intend to pursue graduate studies should take specific psychology courses that provide a strong foundation in the discipline; they should also plan internships and research participation as parts of their academic program.

    For additional career information check American Psychological Association.


Internships are important learning experiences at Wilmington. Interns apply what they have studied in college courses to real on-the-job situations. Internships can be set up with mental health clinics, counseling centers, industries, local government offices, and human services organizations. Students who want practical experience in one of these agencies can schedule a three to six semester hour internship during any semester or during a summer session. For more information on internships check


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