College Issues First Project TRUST Scholarships

Recipients Were Program Counselors in High School

September 19, 2012

Project TRUST director Jim Boland (right) poses with Spencer Running and Marci Adams.

Project TRUST director Jim Boland (right) poses with Spencer Running and Marci Adams.

Two Wilmington College students that were involved in WC's anti-bullying program, Project TRUST, while in high school are the first recipients of the College's Project TRUST Scholarships.

Marci Adams and Spencer N. Running each received renewable $2,500 scholarships.

Adams is a freshman from Greenfield and a 2012 McClain High School graduate, while Running, a sophomore from Wilmington that graduated from Clinton-Massie High School in 2011 and transferred to WC from another college this year.

They are spending 10 hours a week working on Project TRUST activities, which is coordinated through the Peace Resource Center at Wilmington College. Both were counselors when their respective schools had weekend retreats at which students from various school cliques gathered for activities designed to address the underlying causes of abuse and violence.

Project TRUST, which teaches respect, understanding and student teamwork, believes trust leads to empowerment and empowered persons are less likely to abuse themselves and each other. It addresses the basic human need to belong by creating and rebuilding communities among young people.

Adams and Running are working with Project TRUST staff in producing materials for future retreats and coordination information related to middle school social distance scales. Also, they will serve as counselors for upcoming retreats, assist in training counselors and assist teachers with retreat follow-up activities.