Draft & Conscientious Objection

Few Small Candles

Few Small Candles, A: War Resisters of World War II Tell Their Stories

Little is known of those who openly refused to enter military service in WWII because of their convictions against killing. Many accepted alternative civilian service. More than 6,000 were incarcerated with sentences ranging from a few months to five years. Some were tried, convicted, and reimprisoned for essentially the same offense after their initial release. Ten men tell why they resisted in A Few Small Candles. They relate what happened to them and how they feel about that experience today. This is a unique collection of memoirs that illuminates the American homefront during WWII and provides an important source for those interested in the American peace movement. Autographed copies available upon request!

$25.00 (Edited by Larry Gara and Lenna Mae Gara, Kent State University Press, 1999. Hardcover.)



John Woolman: A Nonviolence and Social Change Source Book

The source book was designed with Peace Studies classes in mind. This book can also be useful in study groups or in a wider range of college sources.

$7 (Edited by Sterling Olmstead and Mike Heller, Wilmington College Peace Resource Center, 1997. Paperback)


Planting the Good Seed: Letters of a Quaker Relief Worker

This book tells the story of Robert, a young farmer and Quaker, searching for his place in the world. As World War II and his draft obligation ended, he faced a choice between returning to the family farm and joining the Quaker relief effort underway in Europe. Choosing the latter, he embarked on a three year journey to improve the lives of those touched by war. Autographed copies available upon request!

$19.95 (Robert McCoy, Wilmington College Peace Resource Center, 2007. Paperback)


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