Stories of Hope-Hiroshima Maidens

Maidens Z


Michiyo Zomen
Michiyo Zomen was very friendly toward the American people. While in the United States, she did several interviews with newspapers. She expressed her gratitude at being allowed to come to America and to receive the surgeries. Michiyo's goal was to live a life of kindness toward others. She said, " I do not blame the Americans for dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima." Michiyo went through eighteen months of surgeries to get rid of her keloids. When Michiyo returned to Japan, she attended the Hiroshima Vocational School and found work. She never got married.


On these drawings are the signatures of the 25 Hiroshima Maidens. The two poems read: "We, the survivors, having one hope, live in Hiroshima," and "The World is One."


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