Stories of Hope-Hiroshima Maidens

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On her return to Japan, Michiko Sako married Kenjikeio.

Michiko Sako (Yanagibashi)
Unlike some of the other Maidens, Michiko Sako’s post-surgery life was not so pleasant. She fell in love with a man, but she was unable to marry him due to his family’s disapproval. They believed Michiko would pass her disfigurements on to her children. Michiko soon discovered she was pregnant. Michiko was so upset she decided to head for a church and commit suicide. But, she got lost on the way to the church.  After her failed suicide attempt, Michiko contacted Helen Yokoyama, who worked as a caretaker to the Maidens. After talking, Michiko was able to find new courage. Helen met with Michiko’s fiancée’s family. Afterward, the parents agreed to the marriage.

Michiko Sako gave birth to a son and a daughter.  

Tazuko Shibata (Takeya)
Tazuko Shibata decided to stay in the United States after her surgeries. She quickly found employment as professional secretary with the Temparu Company, which made electrical switches. Tazuko was promoted to an executive position and was able to head projects at the firm. She also found love  and got married. However, all of Tazuko’s success came to a halt when her Japanese family fell on hard times. 

Tazuko returned to Japan and helped her family run their noodle factory. She dreamed of being a professional seamstress, but she sacrificed that dream to help her family.

Hideko Sumimura
Hideko Sumimura suffered the fewest scars of all the Maidens. However, she still underwent many surgeries in order to remove her keloids. Hideko returned to Japan, where she got married and had two children.

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