Stories of Hope-Hiroshima Maidens

Maidens K

Misako Kannabe
When the atomic bomb fell, sixteen-year-old Misako Kannabe was working on tearing down a building to make a fire wall. Unlike many of the Hiroshima Maidens, her scars were mostly located on her arms and legs. After reconstructive surgery in America, Misako returned to Japan. 

Misako attended one of Tokyo’s best hairdressing schools. She got a job working in Tokyo’s fashionable Aayama Avenue. Misako's work schedule was long and grueling, usually twelve-hour shifts for six days a week. When she could find spare time, Misako loved to sew or watch the occasional movie. She eventually got married and moved to Canada where she became a hairdresser who took care of Japanese-Canadian customers.

Terue Kawamura
After receiving her reconstructive surgery, Terue got married and raised three children.

Keiko Kawasaki
Keiko Kawasaki accomplished a lot after she returned from her surgery in America. First, she finished high school and received her diploma. Then, she attended a four-year college in Tokyo, where she concentrated on social work. At the young age of twenty-two, Keiko landed a job in the accounting office at a department store.

Sadly, Keiko passed away in Hiroshima before she could accomplish anymore. 
Chieko Kimura
Chieko Kimura was ambitious and returned to Japan, where she partnered with her old friend and fellow Maiden, Sayoko Komatsu, to open a knit-wear business. Chieko eventually got married in the 1970’s.

Sayoko Komatsu (Ohmasa)
Sayoko Komatsu had many dreams and goals she wanted to accomplish. Sayoko finished high school in Japan and dreamed of becoming a nurse. However, she soon found herself married with two daughters. 

Sayoko was one of the few Maidens who refused help from America after she returned home. She still kept in touch with her American host family over the years. In her letters, she spoke very fondly of the memories she had of the family and of America.
Mitsuko Kuramoto
Mitsuko Kuramoto settled in Los Angeles, California. She was married and had four children there.


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