Stories of Hope-Hiroshima Maidens

Maidens A - E


Tadako Emori (far left) and Hideko Hirata (2nd from the left) enjoy a picnic at their host's home in New York.


Tadako Emori

When she was undergoing her reconstructive surgery in America, Tadako Emori kept busy. She made plans to become a ceramic jewelry maker. She had the opportunity to sell some of her pieces at the United Nations building in New York. When she returned to Hiroshima, she attended school and became a dressmaker. Tadako remained unmarried.

Yoshie Enokawa
Yoshie Enokawa was one of the most independent Maidens. She refused any aid or assistance when she returned to Japan.  Yoshie found a job teaching dressmaking. Eventually, she started a successful knit-wear business. Yoshie remained unmarried so she could focus on her career.


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