Stories of Hope-Barbara Reynolds

A Lasting Legacy

 Barbara Leonard Reynolds dedicated her life to spreading a message of peace. She did this by helping those who had suffered from the atomic bombings to tell their stories and by insisting that not only the United States, but all countries, halt the testing and production of nuclear arms. Along the way, she encouraged not guilt or anger, but healing and understanding between nations. Neither her peace efforts nor her personal life were without tribulation. However, her hope for a future free of nuclear war was a constant throughout her tireless career as a peace activist.

The legacy of Barbara Reynolds continues to new generations. The World Friendship Center she founded in 1965 continues to thrive today and the Peace Resource Center celebrated its 35th anniversary on August 6, 2010.

Barbara Reynolds Published Books

  • 1949: Alias for Death (a gargoyle mystery)
  • 1952: Pepper (a Junior Literary Guild Selection)
  • 1954: Hamlet and Brownswiggle (a Junior Literary Guild Selection)
  • 1956: Emily San
  • 1958: Cabin Boy and Extra Ballast
  • 1962: All in the Same Boat (with Earle Reynolds, tells the story of their journey aboard the Phoenix)
  • 1967: The Story of Leopons
  • 1986: The Phoenix and the Dove (tells the story of her involvement with Hiroshima and her peace activities)

    Along with Barbara's books, the Peace Resource Center’s collection holds copies of Goodbye to Hiroshima (a collection of writings written for and by Barbara upon her departure from Japan).

The Barbara Reynolds virutal exhibit was created by Charlotte Pack, coordinator of the Peace Resource Center, and Sarah Deffinger, Wilmington College history major graduate, 2009 and Center volunteer. The Peace Resource Center is home to the Hiroshima/Nagasaki Memorial Collection with extensive archives, books, tapes and photographs related the the atomic bombings of World War II. Contact the or call (937) 382-6661 for more information.



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