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Psychology Prof Named President of International Association

Caroline Stanley Is President-Elect of the Constructivist Psychology Network

November 27, 2012

Caroline Stanley, Ph.D.

Caroline Stanley, Ph.D.

The Constructivist Psychology Network elected Wilmington College’s Caroline Stanley to serve as its next president.

Stanley, an assistant professor of psychology, has been a faculty member at the College since 2010. She has a Ph.D. from the University of Memphis.

The Constructivist Psychology Network is an international organization of psychologists interested in constructivist approaches to psychology, according to Stanley, who will assume the office in summer 2014.

“The constructivist approach focuses on meaning-making and the process of personal change,” she said.

Stanley, who first became involved with CPN as a student volunteer, subsequently served as newsletter editor, co-chair of the outreach committee and assistant program director for the association’s 15th biennial conference last summer. In 2010, she was elected to a four-year term as CPN secretary.

In addition to allowing her to develop new leadership and communication skills, Stanley believes that her serving as president will have a direct benefit to her students.

“As a prime position for professional networking, the CPN presidency will pave the way for new partnerships and thus enhance the educational mentoring and career opportunities that I could provide for Wilmington College students,” she said.

Indeed, Stanley co-authored with three of her students a paper presented at last summer’s CPN conference in Arlington, Tex. Seniors Zach Glendening and Michelle Hatfield and junior Cheryl Boldoser co-wrote the research piece titled “Fixed-Role Enactment as a Pedagogical Tool for Personality Psychology Students.”