Greeks Excelling at Service, Philanthropy and Academics

Lambda Chi Alpha and DTS Lil Sis Named Organizations of the Year

April 30, 2013

Lambda Chi Alpha was Named Fraternity of the Year.

Lambda Chi Alpha was Named Fraternity of the Year.

The numbers are in — and they are impressive.

Greeks constitute barely over 20 percent of the student body and in the last year conducted 58 percent of the community service (12,356 hours!), not to mention fraternities and sororities raised $22,000 in cash and in-kind gifts for non-profit organizations.

Throw in the fact that 26 percent of the Greek community was on the Dean’s List in spring and fall 2012.

“These are some phenomenal numbers,’ said Bud Lewis, director of Greek Life at the annual Greek Awards Night April 24.

Delta Theta Sigma Lil Sis and Lambda Chi Alpha received Outstanding Greek Life Organization of the Year Awards, while four individuals received Senior of the Year awards: Rhia Batson, Delta Omega Theta; Michelle Reinsmith, DTS Lil Sis; Dave Angevine, Gama Phi Gamma; and Josh Kincaid, Lambda Chi Alpha.

Angela Mitchell, associate professor of business administration, was named Adviser of the Year while Melissa Lykins was Alumni Adviser of the Year.

The Advancement Office recognized Sigma Zeta and Alpha Phi Kappa for winning the Rock Challenge for FY12, which ended June 30, 2012.

New Membership Awards for gaining 10 or more new members this year went to Kappa Delta, Lambda Chi Alpha and Delta Omega Theta. Service Awards for conducting at least 25 hours of service per member went to the Kappas, Delta, DTS Lil Sis, Phi Alpha Psi Sweethearts, Omegas, DTS, Lambda Chi Alpha, Sigma Zeta, Tau Kappa Beta, Gamma Phi Gamma, Kappa Delta and Sigma Gamma Pho.
Philanthropy Awards for raising $50 or more members went to the Kappas, Delts, DTS Lil Sis, Sweethearts and Lambda Chi.

Academic Honor Awards for having an organization GPA better than the institution’s gender average went to: Spring 2012 — Kappa Delta, Lambda Chi, DTS Lil Sis and Sigma Gamma Rho; Fall 2012 — DTS Lil Sis, Kappa Delta, Lambda Chi and Sigma Gamma Rho.

Earning Scholarship Awards for an organization GPA over 3.0 were: Spring 2012 — Kappa Delta, Lambda Chi, DTS Lil Sis, Sweethearts and Sigma Gamma Rho; Fall 2012 — Kappas, DTS Lil Sis, Kappa Delta, Sigma Gamma Rho, Lambda Chi and the Sweethearts.

Kappa Delta and Lambda Chi Alpha won the Greek Games championships.

The Highest GPA Awards went to: Spring 2012 — DTS Lil Sis, 3.45 and Lambda Chi Alpha, 3.26; and Fall 2012 — DTS Lil Sis, 3.43 and Lambda Chi Alpha, 3.25.

Swimmer Julie Creech and basketball/water polo athlete Brandon Candella earned the Outstanding Greek Athlete Awards.

(LEFT) DTS Lil Sis was name Sorority of the Year.

Cited for Outstanding Senior Service and Leadership to a Greek Organization were: Caitlin Massie, Kappas; Rhia Batson, Delts; Cody Lawless, DTS; Michelle Reinsmith, DTS Lil Sis; Dave Angevine, Gamma Phi Gamma; Katie Milbower, KD’s; Josh Kincaid, Lambda Chi Alpha; Eliz Parker, Omegas; Shelby Riffel, Sweethearts; Leah Phillips, Sigma Gamma Rho; and Seth Faulkner, TKB.

Community Service and Philanthropy Awards for most hours served and dollars raised per member were presented to: Service — DTS Lil Sis, 2,750 hours, 153 average, and Delta Theta Sigma, 1,893 hours/111 average; Philanthropy — Sweethearts, $6,707/610 average, and Lambda Chi Alpha, $2,211/$116 average.

Jenny Shaw of DTS Lil Sis won the Greek Council Service Award.

New this year and as a result of the Greek Excellence program criteria, organizations were ranked, starting with the highest Gold Standard Award — DTS Lil Sis, KDs, Lambda Chi Alpha and TKB; Silver Standard Award — Kappas, Delts and Sweethearts; Bronze Standard — Omegas; and Green & White Standard — Gobblers.

In an unscripted moment, Bud Lewis received a standing ovation and a homemade trophy recognizing his dedication and service to Greeks.

“Bud has truly invest time, effort and care into the Greek community,” said Terry Inlow, faculty representative to Greek Council.