Funding Available for Volunteer Opportunities

December 11, 2009

The Isaac Harvey Fund approved of nine volunteer opportunites to assist Wilmington College students and employees with funding for the 2010 calendar year.

In order to participate in these activities they must be approved by a committee of six Quaker campus members who will scrutinize their application and their recommendations. The Isaac Harvey Fund only assists persons chosen to participate in the following as we have limited funds. Each organization listed has a web site and the cost for each varies. To receive additional information contact: or call (937) 382-6661 ext. 719.




African Great Lakes Initiative of the Friends Peace Teams (Burundi, Democratic
Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda)
There are two programs, a summer work camp for five weeks and an extended service which lasts
from three months or longer. Following are the details for the five week program.
a) No specific skills required – open to all ages
b) The 2010 work camps run from June 19 thru July 24
c) Orientation near Washington, DC begins June 19 thru June 21
d) Depart for Africa Monday, June 21
e) The cost of this program is quite high!
Additional details including cost are available on the AFLI web site: African Great Lakes

Bolivian Quaker Education Fund
“Service opportunities were not planned as part of the BQEF program, but reports from
volunteers who have already served illustrate how Spanish-speaking Friends have found
(or created) opportunities for themselves.” Several Spanish speaking students have made
their way to this program and have several months of very beneficial experiences, to the
students and the ones they serve. The organizer note that, “If you’re interested in
spending a month or more in Bolivia, please contact us at

Casa de los Amigos (Mexico City, Mexico)
“The Casa depends on the service of volunteers to carry out its programs and build a community
of service and friendship. Volunteers work between six month and one year, depending
upon needs and availability. They receive simple lodging and access to the services and
facilities of the Casa (wireless internet, laundry machine, kitchen, etc), as well as a
rewarding experience of service and community in Mexico City. All staff and volunteers
should share a commitment to basic Quaker values (peace, justice, community, integrity,
and simplicity) and a desire to work with others in a diverse community. The Casa is a
multicultural environment and a bilingual organization. The ability to communicate in
Spanish is required.”

Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) (Washington, DC)
FCNL is the oldest church lobby in DC and the largest peace lobby in DC.
“FCNL is a Quaker lobby in the public interest that seeks to bring the concerns,
experience, and testimonies of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) to bare on policy
decisions in the nation’s capital. Our staff works with a network of thousands of Quakers
and like-minded people to advocate for social and economic justice, peace and good

Interns work as full-time members of FCNL’s staff for 11 months, usually from early September
through the end of July. Most interns do have college degrees. Their salary is at the
subsistence level for DC. Benefits include fully paid health coverage, paid vacation, a
Metrorail stipend, and paid sick leave. Interns are responsible for making their own
housing arrangements.

Nonviolence International: (Washington, DC)
Internships are available for students and non-students, and can be arranged for-credit with
universities and colleges. As all of Nonviolence International’s staff is volunteer, interns
play an integral role in NI’s projects and functioning as a cohesive organization. Interns
work closely with an NI staff member. However, interns are expected to exhibit
independence, creativity and self-sufficiency as well as to contribute to their expertise
based on their unique back ground. Interns must be able to dedicate 15-20 hours per week
on average. Each intern will have his/her time split between research, programmatic
support, organizational outreach and administrative tasks.”

Quaker Cottage: (Belfast, North Ireland)
“There are opportunities to volunteer at Quaker Cottage either short-term (mid July to end of
August) or long term – minimum of 11/12 months. In both case you will be working with
groups of children and young people and must have some experience of this work and be
interested in it . You must also speak English fluently. You will have accommodation
provided for you and receive a small allowance for food etc.”

Who is Quaker Cottage for? “ Quaker Cottage is for mothers and their children who have
experienced trauma and who are having difficulties coping with the day-to-day
management of their homes. others who attend have individual needs but typical issues are
abuse, alcoholism, anxiety, bereavement, depression, domestic violence, and parenting.”
Currently they are taking applications for three weeks during July and August.

ProNica: (Managua, Nicaragua)
“ProNica provides practical opportunities for service to and in Nicaragua. . . Our assistance
focuses on community and economic development, sustainable agriculture, health,
education, training in non-violent resolution of conflicts, and women’s empowerment.
“Two-week college delegations, ten-day Friends Witness Tours, six-month individual volunteers
learn first hand about Nicaragua during their stays coordinated by ProNica Managua
Coordinator.” The full year participants must be fluent in Spanish and commit themselves to a
minimum of six months. We are currently planning on sending five students on a ‘witness tour’
which lasts about twelve days.

William Penn House: A Quaker Center on Capital Hill (Washington, DC)
“The Fulltime internship is a 40-hour week, comprised of approximately 6 hours a day, 6 days a
week. Ideally, half of a given week will be spent working on William Penn House and
Washington Quaker Work camp programs, and the other half will be spent on hospitality
duty.” These duties are outlined on their web site: William Penn House. Org

The William Penn House provides a variety of compensations and benefits:
a) Room and board
b) Health and life insurance (for internships of 6+ months)
c) Vacation and sick leave
d) Small stipend for living expenses
e. Funding and leave for professional development activities

The Corrymeela Community: (North Ireland)
“Each year, during the months of July and August, Corrymeela hosts and support a series of
summer programs at Ballycastle Centre for various groups from across Northern Ireland
and beyond. To help support this particularly busy period for Corrymeela, volunteer work placements are available. Whilst full board and accommodation is provided, those volunteers who are in a position to make financial contributions towards these costs may be requested to do so Such requests are entirely voluntary and all applications are viewed equally regardless of financial support. Any such support arrangements will discussed and agree in advance.

Due to the intensity of the summer programme, volunteers normally work within specific
teams. These teams include: arts and crafts team, recreation team, kitchen and housekeeping teams, and group links. Due to the high level of interest in volunteering during our summer programme, there will be an initial closing date in February, 2010.