Arehart preps for final go-around

August 16, 2013

Senior Brandon Arehart is ready for his fourth season under his third different head coach. (Wilmington photo/John Swartzel)

Senior Brandon Arehart is ready for his fourth season under his third different head coach. (Wilmington photo/John Swartzel)

Four years, three offensive systems, two A minus’.

That pretty much simplifies senior Brandon Arehart into seven words. But he is far more than that. A Wilmington native, Arehart chose to stay home to continue his playing career, and has started all 30 games since arriving. However, it hasn’t quite turned out like he envisioned, as the Quakers are 1-29 in his tenure under center.

The lack of success on the scoreboard hasn’t altered Arehart’s thoughts about his decision to attend Wilmington.

“No regrets at all. I knew coming in here, I would have a legitimate shot at competing for a starting job,” said Arehart. “I came here, met best friends in life and developed great relationships. Obviously the past three years, we’ve won one game, but its been rebuilding. We have been searching for the right attitude from our leaders, coaching wise, and I think we found that. It just so happens to be my last year. I hope it does turn around, so I can end on a successful note.”

He also understands that while football is a team sport, he carries a bulk of the 1-29 record on his shoulders.

“It’s tough,” Arehart said. “Quarterbacks going into systems are generally there for their first two years to be molded into one offensive system. They have four years to master one offensive scheme. I have been expected, and I am thankful for it because it’s made me a better person and football player, in four years to master three offensive schemes while playing baseball. There is a lot of weight on the quarterback shoulders. But it’s a weight I didn’t mind carrying. Football is the ultimate team sports, and it’s not just the quarterback success or non-success that determines the winning or losing.”

Not only will he be entering his fourth season as the starting quarterback, he has started the last two seasons for the baseball team and holds a 3.97 grade point average as a biology major. He hasn’t received any grade other than A in his college career. He is two A minus’ in Physics shy of having a perfect 4.0.

Juggling two sports, his academic schedule and his social calendar has been a result of his parents.

“It was something that was instilled as a young kid,” said Arehart. “Growing up our parents always wanted us to strive for success, and they taught us how to.”

The coaching staff has noticed his work rate.

“In the short amount of time that I have known Brandon, I have been extremely impressed with his work ethic, leadership, and football intelligence,” said Hairston. “He is a young man who was a leader for the baseball team, and when he didn’t have a game, he would still make it to our winter workouts with the football team. In the weight room, he was one of the hardest workers, he lifted weights more like a linebacker than a quarterback.”