130 Students Share Their Work at Fifth Annual Student-Faculty Research Forum

Tyne Powers' Project, 'Searching for Ourselves: Identity in Middlesex,' Wins President's Award

May 2, 2014

From the left, Anton Niklasson and Josiah Collett explain their research,

From the left, Anton Niklasson and Josiah Collett explain their research, "The Growth of Football and Soccer in the USA" to soccer player Ben McMahon. Their research showed that, in spite of increasing numbers of high school soccer players and decreasing numbers of football players, the popularity of college and professional football has never been greater. In American culture, football seems to transcend the area of sport.

A record-setting 130 students and 20 faculty members displayed their work via posters and other presentation media at Wilmington College’s fifth annual Student/Faculty Research Forum May 1.

The presentations transformed the normally athletics-oriented Fred Raizk Arena in Hermann Count into a strictly academic venue as students, faculty and staff learned about topics ranging from “Poverty in the USA” and “The Prevalence of Unreported Concussions in a Division III Collegiate Football Team” to “Video Game Studies” and “Interfaith Violence and Medieval Masculinity.”

Based on the judges’ ratings, student winners were selected for each academic area. In addition, prizes went to the best student/faculty collaboration, the People’s Choice award, and the President’s Choice award.

This year’s Best in Class winners include: Accounting, Business and Economics — Anton Niklasson and Josiah Collett – “The Growth of Soccer and American Football in the United States”; Agriculture — Allison Black “Which Planting Media is Best for Hydroponic Towers?”; Biology — Melinda Weaver, “Evaluating the Sub-chronic Effects of Natural Pigments Annatto, Cochineal and Madder on the Mouse Urinary System.”

(LEFT) Senior Caleb Betz discusses with Erika Goodwin his athletic training research, "Athletic Training Student Awareness of Confidentuality and Ethics Concerning Social Media.

Also, Chemistry, Math and Physics — Christina Veite, “Comparison of Analgesics using TLC and UV-Vis Before and After Filtration”; Education — Shauna Woodyard, “Reading Aloud: Can It Improve Reading Achievement of Cognitively Disabled Students?”; Fine Arts/Communication Arts — Megan McDonough, “There’s No Business Like Showing a Business: An Honors Capstone Involving the 2014 Wilmington-Clinton County Chamber of Commerce Community Profile and Membership.”

Also, Humanities — Tyne Powers, “Searching for Ourselves: Identity in Middlesex”; Social Sciences — Wendy Fisher, “College Major Choices: Determining Factors and Influences on Students’ Decisions”; and Sport Sciences — Luke Teeters, “Prevalence of Unreported Concussions in a Division III Collegiate Football Team.”

(RIGHT) Paula Jimenez speaks about her researchon "Is Physical Self-Concept Better with Sports Achievement?" with Leslie Nichols, assistant to the president.

The award for Best Student/Faculty Collaboration was a tie between Luke Teeters, Kim Isaac and Erika Goodwin in athletic training and the biology research team of Melinda Weaver and Doug Burks, professor of biology.

In recognition voted on by those attending the forum, Dana Sanchez and Derek Kilgo won the People’s Choice Award for their project, “What Makes the Rainbow?”

The President’s Award, issued by President Jim Reynolds, went to Tyne Powers’ project, “Searching for Ourselves: Identity in Middlesex,” while Wendy Fisher’s research, “College Major Choices: Determining Factors and Influences on Students’ Decisions,” Joshua Rhodes’ McLuhan in Modern Media” each earned honorable mention.