OAC hosts 2012 Media Day

Dunahue represents Wilmington College

August 8, 2012

Ben Dunahue represented Wilmington College at the OAC Football Media Day.

Ben Dunahue represented Wilmington College at the OAC Football Media Day.

INDEPENDENCE — The 2012 football season was the point of interest Wednesday as the Ohio Athletic Conference hosted its annual Media Day.

Mount Union was the consensus favorite among coaches and media types to win its 21st consecutive OAC championship. Wilmington College was projected to finish 10th by the coaches’ and media polls.

Wilmington’s player-representative at the event was senior linebacker Ben Dunahue. For the most part, numbers are of no concern to Dunahue, who had a breakout season in 2011 with career-high 44 tackles. The numbers he is focused on as the 2012 campaign approaches are those in the win-loss columns.

“It’s been a long journey, but I think it’s all coming together,” Dunahue said. “We’ve put a lot of work in, and I think it’s time that our hard work gets rewarded.”

Dunahue (Kenton) was a safety when he showed up on the Wilmington campus three years ago, but made a seamless shift to linebacker — a move that has paid dividends for him and the Quakers.

“He was an oversized safety, which made the transition to linebacker a natural process,” Wilmington defensive coordinator Mark Lane said. “Plus, Ben can could probably play any position that we would want him to on the defensive side of the ball. He is strong, talented and understands the game of football very well. He comes from a great pedigree at Kenton High School, and he backs that up with an outstanding work ethic.”

For Dunahue, one of the priorities for 2012 will be to continue the legacy of leadership that defines linebacker play at Wilmington College.

“I want to be a team leader, somebody that other players and coaches look up to,” Dunahue said. “To do that, I need to step up, both physically and mentally. I’m looking forward to getting the show on the road.”