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Honors Program Curriculum

HONORS PROGRAM: A total of 16 hours is required.

Required courses:
EN103H Great Debates (4)
GL125H FYE Seminar: The Individual in a
Global Society (4)
GL425H Junior/Senior Global Seminar (4)
HO231 Mediation Training (1)

Required: 3 hours
HO230H Honors Seminar (1)

Electronic Journal
24 clock hours of Volunteer Service
24 clock hours of Civic Engagement
Senior Capstone Project

Special Honors Courses

HO230 HONORS SEMINAR (1). This course is designed to enrich the student’s educational experience through intellectually challenging and interesting topics. This course is not normally offered in the regular curriculum and is based on faculty expertise and interest. Pass/No Pass. Prerequisite: GL125H or GL127H.

HO231 MEDIATION TRAINING (1). This course explores all phases of the mediation process through exercises, short lectures, group discussions, and role-playing sessions. Pass/No Pass. Prerequisite: GL125H or GL127H.