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                                          Alpha Phi Kappa Sorority

The Aim of the Alpha Phi Kappa Sorority

The aims of the sorority are to promote friendship through loyalty, to unite it's members in a fraternal bond, and to improve it's members intellicually, morall, and socially.  The sorority is dedicated to the principles of friendship, leadership, and service which have been followed since it's founding. 

      Founded in 1921, we've been going strong for 92 years, and we are the proud sisters of the Sigma Zeta Fraternity!



                                                             *Faith, Hope, and Love*


Kappa Actives:

Sam "Cudi" Lemieuix - President

Breanna "Buttercup" Cloutier - Vice President

Kala "Tootsie" Fox - Secretary & Greek Council

Jenni " Lincoln" Mark - Treasure

Rachel "Bojangles" Gutowski - Pledge Mistress

Samantha "Dori" Cremer - Assistant Pledge Mistress

Jamie "Cleopatra" Borror - Academic Chair

Sara "Kraken" Bishop - Alumni Chair

Molly "Lazyboy" Hirtzinger - Community Service Chair

Angie "Wheezy" Phillips - Fundraising Chair

Taylor "Roo" Miller - Greek Council & Public Relations

Sammy "Mozart" Koerner - Historian

Alaina "Sparkles" Hovey - Formal & Social Chair