Physics Prof Teaches Astronomy to Area Youth

Youth Learn about Locating Stars in the Winter Sky

January 29, 2008

Clinton County's emerging No Child Left Indoors program not only enticed more than a dozen children to get out of the house  on a January evening, but it took them on travels to outer space.

The youth learned many of the basics of astronomy with an emphasis on the winter sky from Wilmington College's Esmail Hejazifar, Ph.D., professor of physics. The unpredictable southwest Ohio winter presented a cloud-filled sky, so the actual planned viewing of the heavens was relegated to visual images in the classroom, which proved both informational and intriguing for many of the participants and their parents.

Dori Sabino, event coordinator, said, "Even though the students were disappointed they could not view the stars due to cloud cover, they enjoyed Dr. Hejazifar's classroom session that increased their knowledge of telescopes and the systems used in locating a star's position in the sky."

The group plans a return visit when the skies present a more optimum viewing opportunity.

No Child Left Indoors is a local initiative with the mission of connecting children with the natural world. More information is available by contacting Lori Williams at 382-3682.