General Education Requirements

The general education requirements at Wilmington College are designed to give students a broad understanding of the world in which they live. Each graduate is expected to acquire competence in the use of standard English and quantitative reasoning, knowledge of the world outside the United States, knowledge of the basic areas of human thought and expression, and personal physical fitness.

Academic advisors are always available to assist students in understanding the application of their transfer credits to degree requirements and in selecting their courses each semester.

  • Writing Competence:
    ENG101 Writing II, three additional writing intensive courses
  • Quantitative Competence:
    MTH120 College Algebra II or a higher numbered math course
  • Oral Communication Skills Development:
    IDS106 Effective Speaking Strategies Workshop
  • International Knowledge:
    IDS125 Seminar in Global Issues and Awareness, IDS425 Seminar in Global Cultures and Issues, two additional courses designated as international
  • Basic Areas of Thought and Expression:
    9 semester hours in humanities (English literature, history, religion & philosophy), 9 semester hours in social sciences (Economics, geography, political science, psychology, sociology), 8 semester hours in science (Biology, chemistry, geology, physics), 6 semester hours in fine arts (Art, music, theatre)
  • Personal Fitness:
    2 semester hours of wellness or activity courses