Alumni Testimonials

  • Biggest Regret – Not interning would recommend more encouragement to do so. Favorite Classes – Entrepreneurship and Stovall’s class where we researched a company and discussed weekly. These two classes helped the most by practicing real world scenarios.
  • Steve and Angela are the best teachers that I had at Wilmington. I learned more in their classes than I did in anyone else’s. I loved that they had personal experiences to share with the students. Anyone can read straight from a book and teach a class. I am glad that Steve and Angela did not do that in their classes. It made everything more interesting and made me want to pay attention and learn. I use what they taught me everyday and I am glad I had the opportunity to take their classes.
  • I felt very prepared for my career coming out of college. I first took a job with Kroger as a store manager, worked there for nearly three years before moving to my current job. At Kroger I learned a lot about the business world, it was a very good experience but my wife and I decided to make the change to a job with more normal hours. My wife Katie is a special education teacher at Fairfield Middle School, and we live here in Fairfield where we bought a house two years ago. I really enjoyed my time at WC in the business dept. and wouldn’t have changed anything. Feel free to email me and let me know what’s new with all the staff there.
  • The business program at Wilmington did a great job preparing me for my career. I enjoyed the case studies, Entrepreneurial class, and visiting companies through the business club. I am very blessed for attending Wilmington College. One thin I didn’t learn in college is the art of effective negotiating. This is something I have had to learn and continue to learn while on the job. I use this everyday if it’s not with my supply base, then it’s getting what I needed internal approval on.
  • I’m currently in grad school here and have a 4.0 going into my second year. Something I never thought could be possible for me but the undergrad classes you two have taught me has helped in being so successful so far.
  •  It’s been almost 6 years since I was in a classroom. It’s tough to remember what classes really helped me the most. I did really enjoy my marketing classes, but working in the financial industry I don’t currently put much of that to work. I wish now I paid more attention in my corporate finance and business stats classes. My only suggestion would be more focus on internships. I didn’t make the best decisions when I had an opportunity for an internship and it was difficult to find a good job when I graduated. I might have made a different decision if there was a sense of urgency or importance placed upon me.
  • I felt I was much more prepared than some of my fellow employees. I am currently in the process of getting my MBA and feel my undergraduate experience was more rewarding than grad school. I would not change the program at all.