Course Descriptions

MK230 INTRODUCTION TO MARKETING (4). An introduction to the field of marketing. The course focuses on the four Ps of Marketing: product, price, place and promotion. Also examines the role of research, market segmentation, and buyer behavior in consumer and industrial markets. This course is the prerequisite for all other marketing courses.

MK331 MARKETING RESEARCH (4). This course provides a foundation in understanding the marketing research process. From research design to research analysis, students will walk away with specific tools to aid in conducting marketing research. Some of these tools include observation, focus groups, surveys, and case studies, but they will also explore the ethics associated with marketing research, when to use quantitative versus qualitative studies, sampling, and how to report findings. Prerequisites: EC334 and MK230.
MK334 MULTICULTURAL MARKETING (4) [I,W] In this course students will acquire a deeper understanding of the demographic and consumer behavior of subcultures in the United States. Students will learn about cultural differences among Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and African-Americans, and begin to appreciate the importance of cultural adaptation in an organization’s marketing plan. Topics covered in the course include best practices in multicultural marketing research, multicultural media and advertising strategy. The course is for students interested in learning how to effectively communicate and market to the fastest growing market segments in the United States: Asian-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and African-Americans. Class activities will include case studies, viewing films, and taking field trips. Prerequisite: MK230. Alternate years.
MK336 RETAIL MANAGEMENT (4). This course explores the dynamic role of retailing in the marketing of consumer goods and services. Students will apply theories and best practices from academic and practitioner books, articles, and case studies to evaluate and refine the operations of store and non-store retailers. The class will study the controllable and uncontrollable factors of retailing, including: customer service, merchandise management and pricing, store location, design and layout, human resources and leadership, social responsibility and ethics in retailing, and technology. Alternate years.
MK337 CONSUMER MARKETING (4) [W]. To fulfill their marketing strategies, organizations must know how consumers make purchase decisions. This writing intensive class will examine societal, interpersonal, and psychological influences on the consumer's purchase decision-making process. Students will apply best practices used in advertising to attract consumer demand by creating an effective advertising campaign. Students will also learn about the advertising world and profession through case studies, guest speakers, and company tours. In addition, through a series of reading and writing assignments, students will reflect on and gain a better understanding of their own consumer behavior. Prerequisite: MK230.
MK350 TOPICS IN MARKETING (4). An in depth examination of a topic in Marketing. May be repeated when topics vary. Offered irregularly.
MK369 BUSINESS TO BUSINESS MARKETING AND SALES (4). This course covers the theory and practice of marketing and selling goods and services to businesses. Students will be introduced to the profession of sales, the selling process, and sales force management. They will also learn the differences between the business customer to the consumer including buyer behavior, marketing mix, and the relationship between buyer and seller. The course will also address the ethical and legal issues related to business-to-business marketing and sales. Prerequisite: MK230.
MK496 MARKETING MANAGEMENT (4) [W]. This capstone marketing course will challenge students to apply the same marketing models, theories, concepts, practices (e.g. teamwork, critical thinking) and financial analyses that marketing managers use to make decisions in actual business situations. The format of the course will be discussion and lecture-based emphasizing case studies including topics such as branding, pricing, new product development and diffusion, electronic commerce, sales force management, competitive strategy, business-to-business, and not-for-profit marketing. Prerequisite: MK230 plus one other MK course.