Course Descriptions

MA230 INTRODUCTION TO MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATIONS (4). An Introduction to the field of management and an understanding of organizational behavior. The fundamental roles and responsibilities of management in achieving organizational objectives are explored. Introduces key concepts of management such as staffing, leadership, motivation, and communication while examining the four functions of management: planning, leading, organizing, and controlling. In addition, students gain an understanding of group and individual behavior, organizational culture, organizational structure, conflict resolution, power and politics, ethics in organizations, personality, and decision making.

MA330 BUSINESS LAW (4). An introduction to legal terms, practices, and procedures. The objectives are to help the student identify legal issues from a business perspective. Areas covered include ethics, the legal system, dispute resolution, the law of property, contracts, agency, torts, property and business formation, and related topics. Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing.
MA333 ENTREPRENEURSHIP (4). This course is designed to explore the personality of the entrepreneur and how innovative business ideas are created. Specifically, students examine opportunity assessment, business planning, self-assessment, and idea generation in relation to new business enterprises. In addition, specific types of entrepreneurship such as corporate entrepreneurship are addressed. Prerequisites: AC230, MA230, and MK 230 or SM235. Alternate years.
MA336 HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT (4). This course is an in-depth exploration of Human Resources Management (HRM). Specifically, students examine essential functions of HRM such as recruiting, selection, performance reviews, employee relations, compensation, benefits, training & development, safety & health, and labor unions. Prerequisite: MA230.
MA339 BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS (4). Examines effective communication and facilitates students in developing their business communication skills. Students learn how to prepare and deliver formal oral presentations, how to listen, and how to conduct effective business meetings. In addition, students learn valuable critical thinking skills focusing on communications in business. Prerequisite: EN101 and MA230. Alternate years.
MA350 TOPICS IN MANAGEMENT (4). An in depth examination of a topic in Management. May be repeated when topics vary. Offered irregularly.
MA369 CORPORATE FINANCE (4). A study of the corporate financial environment; techniques of financial analysis and planning; basic financial concepts; capital budgeting; and the management of working capital. Prerequisites: AC231 and EC335.
MA430 STOCKS, BONDS, AND INVESTMENTS (4). An introduction to investments in stocks, bonds, commodities, options, warrants, mutual funds and current financial vehicles; investment portfolio management and the balance of risk/reward factors for different financial situations. Prerequisite: MA369.
MA485 I.C.E. PROGRAM PARTICIPATION (1-4). An opportunity to work as a consultant in a professional capacity. Work experiences are integrated with educational objectives to broaden student learning experience. An application must be completed before the student can enroll. Course may be repeated for a maximum of 8 credit hours. Prerequisites: MA230 or MK230, 3.0 cumulative GPA and within major, at least sophomore standing, and permission of instructor.
MA495 Strategic Management (4). This is the capstone course for those with a Management concentration in Business Administration. It is a “big picture” course that ties together the other disciplines of business: management, marketing, accounting, economics, organizational behavior, etc. Students are called upon to probe, question, and evaluate all aspects of a company’s external and internal situation. Taught through extensive case analysis, students grapple with sizing up a company’s standing in the marketplace and its ability to go head-to-head with rivals, learn the difference between winning strategies and mediocre ones, and become more skilled in spotting ways to improve a company’s strategy. Prerequisite: AC231, EC130, EC131, MA230 and MK230 and senior standing.