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October 30, 2012

yes, that is snow outside my window

yes, that is snow outside my window

 Contributed by Brad Fuller


For the past five weeks, I have been completing a one credit hour honors seminar titled “Global Climate Change”. In the Honors Program at Wilmington College, we are required to complete four of these courses, one each semester during sophomore and junior years. The topics are varied and interesting, and the workload is light. However, they give us additional knowledge of material that we would not normally learn in a traditional class, but information that is useful to know in today’s changing world. The two previous courses I took were “Mediation Training”, where we learned how to peacefully resolve conflict, and “Lifeboat 101”, where we learned about the dangers of exponential population growth. Next semester I will be taking a class about community building and staying local.

The reason I thought of this topic first thing in the morning is that I woke up to the ground covered in a dusting of snow and 30mph winds. Having a hurricane this late in the year is unusual, and climate change could be a factor. Who knows if the changes are natural or human caused (because the changes cannot be denied, no matter what data you look at or what your political views are; its concrete scientific data). I hope someday in the future we will know for sure, and everyone will do their part to help stop the rapid change.

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