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August 22, 2012

first attempt at sushi

first attempt at sushi

Contributed by: Brad Fuller

While many first year students at Wilmington College eat most meals at the TOP (Top of Pyle Center), I finally have the luxury as a junior of cooking meals in my apartment. The other night, my roommate and I decided to make sushi. I am a vegan (more on that at a later time ☺) and I love to cook, so my next kitchen goal is to become a master sushi chef. The first attempt turned out to be more like a burrito wrapped with seaweed instead of a tortilla, but it still tasted like sushi. I have a few ideas to improve on the next batch, and hopefully I can get good enough to make it for my residents (I am a community advisor in the College Commons apartments). I do plan on cooking other things as a community building activity, and I believe burritos will be first on the menu. Eating healthy whole foods is very important to me, and they can be very delicious as well. I am looking forward to sharing food with people that may not know me and people that do, as well as explaining to them a little more about my dietary choices.


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