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August 27, 2012

Twin Shadow - Confess : 
A solid 2012 release..

Twin Shadow - Confess : A solid 2012 release..

Contributed by: Brad Fuller 

Although today is the sixth day of classes of the 2012 fall semester at Wilmington College, I feel as if class actually began today. The first week of class is always generally easy, with professors going over the syllabus and reviewing from previous classes (within your specific major, specifically). In my athletic training classes specifically, we reviewed the basics that apply to every class in the program, such as evaluation techniques, basic terminology, and Athletic Training Room (ATR) paperwork information. Today, however, was different than the first week. After class, I went to work in the ATR from 2-9 for football treatments, as well as winter and spring sport physicals. At 9 I began duty in alternative housing (which I am currently in the middle of) and will run until 1 a.m. This is providing me some time to relax, catch up on studying, and listening to music, but it is still a long day. Part of being in the athletic training program here requires a great deal of time management skill. If you are passionate about learning the material for a career or for graduate school preparation, it is a great experience; you just have to expect some long days/nights along the way.


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