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September 24, 2012

Myself, focusing on the tee shot

Myself, focusing on the tee shot

 Contributed by Brad Fuller


Yesterday, the Alternative Housing Residence Life Team hosted an event at Adventure Cove miniature golf in Wilmington. The event was free to everyone that lived in the College Commons, Campus Village, Fife Hall, or college owned Greek housing. There was also free pizza available. I sometimes hear students complain that there is nothing to do on the weekends, but these are the students that do not take advantage of all of the programming we offer, both on weekends and through the week. Putt Putt is one of my favorite things to do in town because I have always been a golfer and I love being able to play putt putt with anyone, regardless of skill level (real golf you sort of have to know what you’re doing and it takes a lot longer to play). Next month I’m hoping to host multiple programs, providing I have the time. This is the point in the semester where the work begins to get difficult, as well as my honors seminar class starting tomorrow and my big paper being due in less than a month now. There is always time for fun (and sleep, of course, which I refuse to sacrifice), but studies always come first.

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