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September 21, 2012


Contributed By: Lynnea Kraft
“Have you ever heard of ’The PROGRAM?’”  I had seen signs posted around campus with that phrase headlining.  I thought to myself “Why, no. No, I have not.” I’m always looking for ways to changeup my workouts , so I abruptly stopped to read the sign as people dodged me on their way to dinner.   The following poster snippets jumped out as I continued enlightening myself about this new class:
“.. plyometrics, abs …” Well, I don’t know what sort of creature a “plyometric“ is, and who doesn’t need a good ab workout? New exercise word + abs= education + toned core = I think I’ll try this class.
“…P90x and Insanity”  Now, I have yet to try either of those, but friends have told me those workouts can get pretty intense.   Intensity = sweat = challenging = I need to try this class. 
Classes … Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm and 8:30pm” Night class Tuesdays + RA meetings at 9:30pm Thursdays = I AM going to “The PROGRAM.”   Thursday, 7:30pm!  I then penciled it in to my schedule.
When I arrived at Herman Court, I was a bit lost because I forgot to check the sign for where exactly in Herman court this class was to take place. I walked around hoping to run into someone who could tell me where to go. I did run into some people, but they had no idea what I was talking about. I started to fear I would be getting flabby abs, instead of a tight tummy. Thankfully, after a few more minutes of wandering, I found it in the auxiliary gym (it’s the small gym on the same floor as the bleachers, between the main gym and the football field).    It was a small class, but the instructor told me that most people come at 8:30pm. Approximately 50 minutes later, I had definitely worked up a sweat, tried a few new exercises, and learned that a “plyometric” is not some extinct dinosaur. A “plyometric” is a powerful movement done quickly and repeatedly.    With a good instructor, and a good workout, I recommend this class to break up your typical exercise routine, or start new one!

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The Program

September 19, 2012


Hello, my name is Isaac Garrison and I am a junior with a Public Relations Major and Peace Minor living in the College Commons at Wilmington College. I am involved in many clubs and groups, a practicing Quaker, a Vegan, and Awesome.

Every year students have to figure out how manage their time so they can get a few minutes into the gym. The need to stay active is important because the way one keeps their body shows how they keep their life.  This year the students of WC are lucky that the school is providing fitness classes. The classes include spinning classes and “The Program”.  “The Program”, which happens every Tuesday and Thursday, is a mix of weight loss and muscle building exercises. It is much like the workout regimes of “Insanity” and “P90X”. Last night was the first time that I have gone to “The Program” and I am not regretting it at all, even though I am a bit sore all over.

  I walked into the axillary gym with a fellow student to fall under the trainers’ fitness expertise. We did everything from Jumping jacks to pushups to mountain climbers. The sweat that dripped off the body was earned as we worked the legs, abs, the arms and the chest. I would defiantly recommend “The Program” to anyone who is at Wilmington College. I mean it’s, free, fun, and only an hour long.  I am really excited to go back Thursday night and burn calories and get even more Quaker Fit.

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