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March 21, 2012

My Fixie

My Fixie

 Contributed by Brad Fuller


The weather the past couple of weeks has been incredible! For me however, that is not always the best thing during the school year. I love being outside; road cycling is one of my favorite activities and I cannot resist the temptation of a perfect day. When I have schoolwork to do, this could be a minor issue. Yesterday, a fellow athletic training student and I rode a 33-mile loop around the eastern portion of Clinton County. I am still getting in shape for the season, so today will be a rest day for sure!

Also on the topic of cycling, I bought a cheap fixed gear bike over spring break, just for getting around town on and for fun. Fixed gear bikes are exactly what the name says they are; one gear that is fixed to the rear wheel. It is a machine in its simplest form, no gears, breaks are optional, and no coasting. If the wheel is moving, the pedals are moving at the same rate. To some, this sounds like a horrible ride. To me (and a lot of urban cyclists around the world), it is a cheap, efficient, and fun way to get around!

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