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February 12, 2012

A view of Downtown and the Murphy Theater

A view of Downtown and the Murphy Theater

Contributed by Brad Fuller


This Saturday was an eventful day for me! I started out by participating in Super Saturday, a day in which current resident assistants got to know applicants for next year. I am already a current staff member, so I was one of the observers and facilitators. The morning started out with group interviews, followed by teamwork-oriented activities in the afternoon. I was working with a “survivor” activity, in which participants had to “vote off” contestants based only on a short biography of that person. The activity yielded the same winner all four times it was performed (Chad Crittenden, an actual survivor contestant).

In the evening, I attended a show at the Murphy Theater in downtown Wilmington, courtesy of the Wilmington College Honors Program. The show is entitled “WAR”, and was performed by interns of the Cincinnati Playhouse. According to Playhouse Director of Education Mark Lutwak, “’WAR’ is a powerful and rich play that explores the ways in which boys use warfare as a metaphor for their lives: in sports, with their peers, in academics and in their relationships with others, particularly women. Contemporary ‘manhood training,’ as laid on young boys by popular culture, adults and peers, is wildly out of sorts with the kind of maturity that we expect and need from our next generation. This play raises important questions that will be discussed long after the performance is over.” Overall, it was a great experieince, which I am accustomed to enjoying after visiting the Murphy Theater.

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