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Homecoming weekend

October 03, 2011

Queen Rachel Kent and King Quatez Scott

Queen Rachel Kent and King Quatez Scott

 Contributed by Kelsey Sullivan

This past weekend was Homecoming Weekend at Wilmington College. Friday night we had a hypnotist come and put on a show at the TOP. The TOP is the name of the cafeteria at Wilmington College. It is located on top of the Pyle Center, which is the second floor. Saturday was the big day of the weekend! In the morning we had Greek (frats & sororities) bed races where the Greeks race beds and compete against each other! After that we had the judging of the homecoming banners and then the football game at two o'clock. Unfortunately our Quakers did not win, But it still fun to see the homecoming king and queen at halftime! Later on that night there was a homecoming dance in the McCoy building, next to the Watson Library, that was put on by APB which is an organization that puts on many events and activities for the students of Wilmington College. After the homecoming dance I went to one of the frat houses, Sigma Zeta house, which most students just shorten down to the Sig house. Finally the weekend had to come to an end. Sunday, I went home to visit and hang out with my family, get some laundry done and catch up on some homework. I had a great homecoming weekend. Stay tuned and keep updated with mine and other student bloggers posts to see what happening at Wilmington College.

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