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MLK Day!

January 17, 2012

Contributed by Brad Fuller

Yesterday, I participated in the Martin Luther King Day of Service, hosted by Wilmington College and taking place at various locations in Wilmington. I was one of the site leaders, but the locations and teams were kept a secret until the morning of the event, so it was more in “challenge” format. My team went to Sugartree Ministries, the local food pantry/coffee shop/concert venue to help do some painting, caulking, and other miscellaneous needs. You may know of Sugartree Ministries through Rachel Ray or Glenn Beck, but there is so much more to this great organization than what was displayed through the media (yes, Wilmington, Ohio has been on national TV several times). My group finished up a little early, so we then went to the Clinton County homeless shelter to help out another group, who was organizing their building that housed all of their donations. The room looked completely different when we were done with it! Over all, the day was a great “day on”, since we obviously did not need another day off. And to top it off, Chipotle donated food for all of us!

As I begin this next week, I realize that I am going to be very busy, but am thankful that I got ahead as much as I could this weekend to help ease the homework and study load. Hopefully this leaves me some time to begin my research topic, ACL patellar tendon grafts. I’m sure I’ll be able to tell you all about it in future entrys!

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Thanks for the comments! @Helen, Sugartree really is a great aspect of our town. I love serving there when I get the chance. @ GG, that sounds really interesting!
Brad Fuller 1:42AM 02/19/12
I would never watch Glenn Beck(guy is crazyyyyyyyy). Anyways, Sugartree Ministries is an awesome group. I'm glad to see that there are so many communities out there forming groups to help the less fortunate.
Helen 6:08PM 02/14/12
By the way, regarding your tendon project: there is a paramedic in Austria/Europe who is already recognised by some universities/medical schools who studied his method and who has among his patients many world class sports professionals, e.g. (former) several time Wimbledon and Olympic tennis champion Boris Becker, who uses nothing but a special massage technique (albeit for three hours while it hurts, no anaesthetics) after which the tendon is completely repaired and can once again take the full load! I don't know if there is any English literature on his achievements yet, but could point you to some sources if you so wish.
GG 12:55AM 01/31/12



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