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October 20, 2011

 Contributed By Brad Fuller


On Monday and Tuesday of this week and next, my Wilmington College Athletic Training observation hours were at Dayton Sports Medicine Institute (DSMI). The facility is about 40 minutes from campus, and is home to our sports orthopedic surgeon (Dr. Saunders) and two of our Athletic Trainers that are on campus every day. The facility at DSMI is incredible; they have any type of rehab equipment and strength training device you would ever need. The facility is located in a very large combined room; one end of the room contains the strength training facility in which athletes and regular people come in order to improve their fitness. Athletic trainers and exercise physiologists run the facility, so the exercises are appropriate for the individual and rehabilitative exercises are available from the athletic trainers. The middle of the facility houses physical therapists (which I have not observed yet) and the other end houses the hand therapists. During my observation with the hand therapists, I got to see some hand injuries that I would not normally see in the athletic training room on campus. Another positive about going to DSMI is that it is located right next to Chipotle Mexican Grill, the greatest food service establishment in the country! All in all, it is a great off campus experience that I will be looking forward to again next week.

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DSMI is an impressive facility. Knew a ballplayer who used to go there frequently to rehab (successfully) from Tommy John surgery.
EW 10:21AM 10/31/11

Table Tennis, DSMI

October 17, 2011

Josh Kincaid (right) and I (left) before the tournament (check out the awesome t shirts)

Josh Kincaid (right) and I (left) before the tournament (check out the awesome t shirts)

Contributed by Brad Fuller


In my last blog, I talked about a table tennis tournament that the Table Tennis club would be traveling to. After playing in the tournament, I can’t wait to go back to another one! Although we didn’t get to officially compete, we got our ratings (which hopefully will be going up soon) and met some great people. We also got to watch some professionals play, which is incredible to see; Imagine sitting courtside at a professional tennis match, but on a slightly smaller scale. The club should be traveling to another tournament in Columbus, and Josh and I will get to advance in the competition!

In Athletic training news, today is the day that I start my new rotation at Dayton Sports Medicine Institute (DSMI). From my experiences so far, getting to observe of campus gives you multiple perspectives on the medical world and allows you to see how everything medically is interconnected. It also allows you get out of the routine of the Wilmington College Athletic Training Room and see how things are done at other institutions. I have heard that DSMI has a very nice facility, so I am looking forward to working there for the next two weeks!

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