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Field trip to Yellow Springs

October 02, 2012

Provided by Afiara String Quartet website. Check them out @ http://afiara.com/ !

Provided by Afiara String Quartet website. Check them out @ http://afiara.com/ !

Contributed by: Lynnea Kraft

Sunday, September 29th my Music of Western Cultures II class ventured outside the classroom and into a church. Our Professor Liz Haskins arranged for us to see and listen to the Afiara String Quartet. My class gathered at 6pm Sunday evening in BCAC (Boyd Cultural Arts Center) parking lot – a welcome change from our typical class time from 6:30pm to 9:00pm on Tuesdays in class room -- to start our educational outing. We piled in the school vans and arrived in a small town called Yellow Springs about 25 minutes away. 
                First Presbyterian Church of Yellow Springs hosted this event. The Afiara String Quartet is based out of Canada and have travelled all over the globe. For those of you who don’t know what a string quartet is, that’s okay. I didn’t know exactly what it was until my class with Liz Haskins. A string quartet typically involves four instruments: 2 violins, a cello, and viola.
Normally, classical music is not my go-to music choice, but I found it really interesting to read about these artists’ backgrounds. Of the musicians in this string quartet, two of them had studied at The Julliard School, one of the prestigious, if not the most prestigious musical school in the world. The other two had studied at the New England Conservatory, another well- renowned music school. Of the two who studied at Julliard, one of them was playing on a violin that was from 1737! I can’t imagine playing an instrument almost 300 years old, I’d be too worried about breaking it, rather than playing music!  
The quartet played two pieces by Beethoven and one by a recent composer who wrote a piece for one of the members’ mother. The Beethoven pieces were very expressive and lively. The other was a bit eclectic, but by the end of the piece I appreciated the variety of feelings this creative endeavor elicited.  After the concert, Liz Haskins treated us to Subway for dinner - a lovely way to end an educational experience outside the classroom.

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Dayton Sports Medicine Institute

October 20, 2011

 Contributed By Brad Fuller


On Monday and Tuesday of this week and next, my Wilmington College Athletic Training observation hours were at Dayton Sports Medicine Institute (DSMI). The facility is about 40 minutes from campus, and is home to our sports orthopedic surgeon (Dr. Saunders) and two of our Athletic Trainers that are on campus every day. The facility at DSMI is incredible; they have any type of rehab equipment and strength training device you would ever need. The facility is located in a very large combined room; one end of the room contains the strength training facility in which athletes and regular people come in order to improve their fitness. Athletic trainers and exercise physiologists run the facility, so the exercises are appropriate for the individual and rehabilitative exercises are available from the athletic trainers. The middle of the facility houses physical therapists (which I have not observed yet) and the other end houses the hand therapists. During my observation with the hand therapists, I got to see some hand injuries that I would not normally see in the athletic training room on campus. Another positive about going to DSMI is that it is located right next to Chipotle Mexican Grill, the greatest food service establishment in the country! All in all, it is a great off campus experience that I will be looking forward to again next week.

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DSMI is an impressive facility. Knew a ballplayer who used to go there frequently to rehab (successfully) from Tommy John surgery.
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