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How Wilmington Becomes Home

October 29, 2013

This is a picture that my sister took while she was combining the corn.

This is a picture that my sister took while she was combining the corn.

 Contributed by Paige Newman

Hello everyone! As the week continues on I have found myself thinking about the weekend I just spent at home.

I live in Adams County, which is only an hour away from Wilmington.  This short distance makes it easy for me to go home whenever I want and I sometimes abuse that power.  I love going home and seeing my family, friends, and the family farm.  Although I love everything about home, I have been dealing with the same problems every time I go back to my town.  Wilmington has begun to take the place of home.

I have been attending Wilmington College for over a year now and it has become home in every right.  I have made friendships here that I know are going to outlive many of the ones that I made before college.  I have spent the past year and a half at Wilmington growing up on this campus and with these friends.  So this has become home. 

I didn’t even make these connections until I came back to school in August.  As I pulled on the campus I didn’t have butterflies or any uneasy feelings.  Wilmington felt comfortable and just like home. What I’m trying to say is that you never realize you’re making a place home until you no longer feel like an outsider, or uncomfortable, or out of place.  For me it happened without me even noticing, but I can honestly say that Wilmington has become my perfect fit and my home.  

(I have been listening to a preposterous amount of James Taylor lately and the song "Carolina in my mind" has been my go-to song. It makes every place feel like home.) 


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