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Reasons to FALL in love with Wilmington

September 30, 2013

Boyd Cultural Arts Center in the Fall

Boyd Cultural Arts Center in the Fall

Contributed by Paige Newman

I am well aware that this may very well be the cheesiest title ever, but I stand by my words when I say that Wilmington is the most magical place to be in the fall. 

So these are 10 Reasons to FALL in Love with Wimingtin:

  1. The campus is even more beautiful in the fall.
  2. Jen’s Deli is just a quick walk from campus and they have seasonal drinks.  This means Pumpkin Pie Cappuccinos!
  3. The arboretum looks like a fall wonderland.
  4. Football games
  5. Leaves are everywhere!
  6. Homecoming
  7. It's the perfect temperatutre for our Wilmington College sweatshirts!
  8. Westheimer Peace Symposium
  9. We get to pass out candy for Goodies for Goblins!
  10. Fall Break. Even though we spend that extra day thinking of all of the things we are going to do when we get back to school, because Wilmington is home. 



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