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August 28, 2013

 Contributed by Brad Fuller


I cannot believe it is my senior year already. It seems like just yesterday I was moving into Austin Pickett and leaving home for the first time. It is great to be back again, and I look forward to continuing and eventually closing this chapter of my life.

If you have followed my blogs before or you already know me, you can skip this brief introduction. My name is Brad Fuller and I am a senior athletic training student here at Wilmington College. On campus, I am the senior community advisor (SCA) for residence life in the Campus Village and I am involved with Faith in Action and other various service groups. I also do a little bit with the table tennis club and I am an avid cyclist, vegan foodie, and music fan (I’ll be posting some stuff about music again this year).

The first week of class is always confusing for me. I’m currently in this first week and working on developing a daily routine and finding time for leisure and exercise. This is more challenging for me this year because I am taking 19 credit hours plus an internship. In the end I know the hard work will be worth it! I have also recently submitted my application to physical therapy school at Long Island University, so I am also waiting to hear back about that.

As far as music goes, there are several releases I am looking forward to for the remainder of 2013. I’ve currently been listening to Sarah Neufeld’s debut solo album Hero Brother. Neufeld is a touring member of Arcade Fire and various other Montreal-based bands. Her solo album consists of all solo violin pieces with varying textures and emotions. I saw her perform live with Colin Stetson at the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center in April, and it is one of my favorite live performances I have ever seen. The album was released on August 20. 

Now Listening:
Sarah Neufeld – Hero Brother
(Constellation; 2013)


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