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March 18, 2013

Contributed by: Lynnea Kraft

            This semester is flying by. My internship at Drayer Physical Therapy is going well and I am still enjoying working at Jen’s Deli during lunch hours.  My classes are getting tougher as I get deeper and deeper into course material.  Although these classes are getting a bit more difficult I am really enjoying learning material that will be useful to me in my future career.

 My physiology class with Don Troike has especially peaked my interest. He gives detailed explanations of body functions from first hand experiences to help us understand complex concepts.  General Medical Conditions with Linda Tecklenberg  is probably my most challenging course. The tests often include essays which require recalling and incorporating info from numerous sources into an educated answer. That means I really have to keep up on the reading she gives, and remembering it all!  My kinesiology class with Kim Isaac is basically “just” memorizing all of the body’s muscles’ locations, functions, and innervations. These can definitely get confusing with so many similar muscle names and common functions. Although I have about 50 muscles to memorize for her class, my memorizing doesn’t stop there! For Evaluation of the Lower Extremities I must learn the ligaments, muscles, bones and common injuries of the ankle.  I wish I could say “I will be an expert in no time,” but learning this requires patience, repetition, one more year of undergraduate study, plus three years of graduate school. Whohooo for lots of learning!

Hope your semester is as educational as mine!

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