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January 30, 2013

bullhorn bars

bullhorn bars

Contributed by Brad Fuller


Several random changes have occurred in my life this month.

On Monday, I celebrated by 21st birthday with my family at El Dorado Mexican Restaurant in Wilmington. Being one of the few places in town with vegan options, it is a regular stop of mine. The original plan was The General Denver, but they are closed on Monday :/

I put bullhorn handlebars on my fixie. If you follow this blog at all, you may know that I am into cycling. I got this fixed gear bike fairly cheap and I am having fun changing simple designs and colors on it until I can afford to get a nice one. Fixies are fun, and if you are new to cycling I recommend starting out with a real bicycle; a fixed gear.

I had a dream that I shaved my beard. It was an awful dream, and I am not shaving any time soon.

In my athletic training clinical rotations, I am still at Clinton Massie HS. I am learning a lot and have the freedom to practice a lot of the skills I’ve learned in class. I am the only student there, so most of the student stuff is all on me, which is a great learning experience.

I’ve listened to nine new albums that have been released in January 2013. Most are very solid releases, but nothing strikes me as something I will be listening to next year. However, these albums are leaving me optimistic for the rest of the year.

My recent food obsessions are coconut hemp smoothies and spicy guacamole (completely unrelated items)


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