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January 20, 2013

Ideas for a fresh start.

Ideas for a fresh start.

Contributed by: Lynnea Kraft

            Christmas cookies, honey-maple glazed spiral ham, sweet potatoes and chocolate covered pretzels have left me yearning to be home once more for Christmas time.  Although starting a new semester can be rough -especially with thoughts and tastes of home still permeating every sulcus and gyri of your brain- it can also be very rejuvenating. 

A new semester is a time to start new habits and break old ones. A new schedule, new teachers, classes and peers can make breaking old habits easier.  Near the end of last semester poor time management and lack of personal time became the norm.   I had stressed myself out so much that I was, for lack of better words, burned out.  This New Year and semester allowed me to have a fresh start.  Take advantage of these changes. Choose to see them as opportunities rather than challenges.  Look at what bothered you, made you struggle, or set you back last year and come up with your own personal game plan to fight or nullify those previous obstacles.  You might be feeling overwhelmed and crunched for already, but by taking a bit of self-evaluation time now, you will save yourself days of time later.

Stay hydrated and get rejuvinated.


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