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Election Issues

November 11, 2012

Contributed by Brad Fuller


Now that everyone seems to be cooled down a little bit, lets talk politics. I don’t want to talk about any specific issues or anything like that, but rather the public perception of the presidential election. As some background, I voted for President Obama because the issues he cares about are most similar to the ones I care about. I’ve also heard convincing arguments on why one should vote for Governor Romney. However, the next president isn’t really the concern I have. My concern was some of the hatred I have heard via social media from some of the people I know, as well as those I don’t. Even before the election, I knew the American public was going to be heated, considering roughly half of the country strongly supported each of the two major candidates. I hope that someday, we have an electoral system that supports more than two political parties, because the American people are made up of more than two visions. There will never be a candidate that everyone supports, however I feel that it could be better somehow. Our nation is divided, and division in any group is unhealthy. During my time as a student leader at Wilmington College, I have learned to work together in groups, bring opinions and views together, and work together to achieve a common goal. It seems so simple in a small group with a smaller task, but when leading an entire country, the issues become more complex. I hope that we can make it through the next four years and beyond without any major conflict, all while believing in America and moving our country forward (see what I did there? Ha. Haha).

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