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November 01, 2012




Contributed by: Lynnea Kraft
                Being an RA with all of the Halloween festivities going on, I wanted to somehow incorporate my Residents. So after thinking about what I could do I came up with the idea to make all of the girls in my hall a goodie bag.    Of course, being the health-geek that I am, I decided to stray from all the sugar goodies of Halloween and create a “healthy goodie bag”. The local grocery store Kroger has a decent whole and organic foods section as well as a good variety of produce.  I hoped to be able to find some non-traditional healthy foods to try.    I was able to get fun, individual organic vanilla milks. I also got Larabars which are made with whole fruits and nuts and no preservatives. Believe it or not, Kroger has some exotic produce. I was super happy to find the exact count of star fruits to put in each goodie bag. Green tea is a good de-stresser and being that we are nearing the end of the semester stresses are definitely peaking.   After gathering a few more odds and ends I was ready to check out.  
                Just FYI….If you haven’t checked out Kroger’s organic and whole foods section, I definitely recommend it. Look for orange stickers marked “MANAGER’S SPECIAL” if you aren’t wanting to spend a lot of money trying something new. 


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