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October 19, 2012

Award Winning bathrooms at Jungle Jim's

Award Winning bathrooms at Jungle Jim's

Contributed by Brad Fuller


What a crazy week it has been! Actually, it has been a crazy past four weeks. Like I keep saying, first semester of junior year is really really hard. But I’m learning a lot and I know it will prepare me well for physical therapy school.
This past weekend I hosted a hall activity where we went to Jungle Jim’s International Marketplace during the day (with a stop at chipotle) and I cooked an Indian meal for my residents afterwards. If you have never been to Jungle Jim's, I highly recommend it. They have any type of food you could imagine! I love to cook but I have never really cooked Indian food because it is difficult to find the spices and all the essential ingredients at Kroger in Wilmington. However, I took advantage of the Indian section at Jungle Jim’s and bought all kinds of spices to make different curries and dals. I decided to cook masoor dal with cinnamon rice and asparagus. It was delicious! And the leftovers are lasting all week. If you like spicy food at all, you would love Indian cuisine. I’m hoping to make a somewhat authentic Asian dish of some sort for my residents next month, any suggestions on what to make??

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