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Spin into Fall

October 18, 2012

Try out a class in Herman Court next to the raquetball court!

Try out a class in Herman Court next to the raquetball court!


Contributed by: Lynnea Kraft
As some of you may know, I am a very active person. One of the ways I love to get my exercise in is by spinning. I went to my first spinning class this past summer in when I was studying abroad in Argentina.   When I returned to campus this fall I was excited to see that Wilmington College now offers spinning classes for credit or just for recreation.   I ended up adding one of the spin classes officially to my schedule. These classes taught me that there is a lot more to spinning then merely pedaling a stationary bike.  
                Spinning bikes have weighted wheels that are connected to the pedals so that spinners (people who spin) cannot coast. The bikes that WC owns are equipped with a dial that can add or take away resistance, or it can be used as a brake. Adding resistance makes it harder to pedal, and turning the dial the opposite way will take away resistance and make pedaling easier.  In order to simulate hills like in real-life cycling, the instructor will lead the spin class through a series of “hills”, “flat roads”, or “steep climbs,” and “jumps.”   To simulate these, the spinner will add resistance and change body positions per the instructor’s directions. 
In addition to my mandatory spin class for credit, I have begun to lead classes myself and attend other classes just for recreation.  I realized that each instructor can give you a different experience. I personally enjoy when the instructor gives visuals while biking. For example, if the class is doing a climb with resistance for a long period of time, the instructor may tell the class to think about being on country road nearing the end of a race. When the climb with resistance interval is almost over the instructor may say “There are some racers gaining on you! You are almost at the finish line!” This imagery always helps me push myself just a little bit harder.  
I f you would like to try spinning, classes are now being offered Monday through Thursday. Check out the flyers posted around campus for the current schedule!

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