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September 19, 2012

Beowulf, as depicted by the 2007 film

Beowulf, as depicted by the 2007 film

Contributed by Brad Fuller


This morning, I was writing a paper for my British literature class. The paper dealt was a reflection on a couple articles about the modernization of Beowulf, including some film adaptations of the epic poem and some other outlets of expression. For some reason, I connected the articles with Nick Drake’s 1972 album Pink Moon. The album is very simple with limited amounts of poetic lyric and only Drake on acoustic guitar. If you have not heard this classic, I highly recommend it. There are several different ways the album can be interpreted, similar to the way Beowulf can be portrayed in many different ways. Since the author of the poem is unknown, there is little we actually know about the poem except for the exact Old English text. Similarly, we know very little about Nick Drake’s music due to his quiet personality, posthumous popularity, and vague lyrics. Drake also studied English Literature at Cambridge University, which makes a neat connection between an album I love and a class that I am taking outside of my Athletic Training major. Nothing helps me learn more than somehow connecting class material to anything outside of class that I can.

Now listening: 

NIck Drake - Pink Moon

(Island; 1972)


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